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Learn how to scale your legal expertise using exponential technologies and deliver value while you sleep.

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I have never been as excited as I am right now about the new generation of software tools that enable lawyers to design apps and tools without a programming background. Lately, my focus is on mass immigration-related litigation projects and I’m incorporating several apps. We are opening up new revenue streams for the firm that make us more profitable while helping to close the access to justice gap.

Greg Siskind, Siskind Susser LLP

The Essentials

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Getting Exponential: The Essentials certificate course is an introductory, maker-style course for legal professionals building a modern practice. Apply leverage to your existing legal expertise by creating legal value once, and delivering it widely.

The bulk of this course will be consumed on demand, over 8 weeks (4-5 hrs per week), through a combination of recorded video content, written lessons, reference materials and (most importantly) guided activities, where you will:

  • Learn what it means to scale your expertise
  • Work through a framework for de-risking exponential ideas
  • Develop a series of assets to be used beyond the course
  • Plot your next steps towards becoming exponential

What does it mean to be an exponential?  Legal professionals have long been hampered by the challenges of scaling services to meet demand, and price tolerance. Becoming exponential is not about process improvement to gain more time or efficiency. It is a complete rethink of value creation for clients.

The exponential professionals delivers value through the creation of products that leverage scalable technologies and delivery models, and they free themselves of the traditional time equal to value model.

Clients are starving for affordable, easy to use, self-service legal products. Deliver on that need and take back your time.

The core substance of the course begins here. Through a series of modules, we will take you through the Launch Lifecycle: our iterative framework for de-risking exponential ideas, and ensuring more successful outcomes.  

In this section, you will get hands on and apply the Launch Lifecycle to an idea that you are currently working on or, work through one of our example ideas to gain experience moving from idea to launch.

By the end of the Becoming Exponential section of the course, you will have learned and applied the framework, and have a series of artifacts to be used beyond the walls of the course.

The process of creating new products and services can be messy. But it doesn’t have to be. Successful ideas are often unique and innovative. The process should not be.

We developed the Launch Lifecycle through years of working with legal professionals to shape, test and launch exponential products and services.

Through this course, you will gain an understanding of the framework and how to use it beyond the course as your roadmap for all new ideas.

Ideas can come from anywhere. They can be unpredictable and difficult to wrangle. This section will teach you how to properly shape the idea around what the market (your clients) are seeking to accomplish in their personal and professional lives, and craft products to help them reach their aspirations, goals, navigate difficult obstacles, or do their best work.

Moving beyond ideas, this section also addresses the many questions you will need to answer to not only launch, but sustain and grow your product.

Too often, creators skip this critical step and move right into building their product or service. We consider the Validation step of the Launch Lifecycle to be the most important. It’s where you experiment with your initial idea hypotheses and quickly gather evidence to drive your idea forward towards creation.

In this section, you will identify the high risk areas of your idea and design 3-4 experiments that can be used to test your idea beyond the walls of the course.

Once you have validated your idea, it’s time to bring it to life. The exponential technologies and delivery models available today are more abundant than ever before. We’ve taken the time to bring them into a digestible taxonomy to help you navigate your options.

More than just a product, this section will guide you through the drafting of an operating system for sustainable growth beyond the initial launch, including: a product roadmap and a business model. With that core system in place, and a vision for the future, you’ll learn how to start with a minimum viable product and choose the best exponential technology for crafting it.

Adjusting to new products and services will not happen overnight for your clients. We are strong proponents of using controlled launches with a subset of willing early adopters to gain product feedback, and work out some of the details around your delivery model before wider adoption.

During this section, you will learn the tactics and techniques for a controlled launch, and how to action your learnings towards an official launch.

The exponential legal professional scales their knowledge and expertise to serve more clients than they can with traditional methods. Learning the strategy and tactics for building early traction and widespread adoption are critical to scale.

This final section of the Becoming Exponential journey of the course is devoted to deep engagement and distribution. You will learn how to develop a strategy for finding the right clients for your product or service, messaging to them, and supporting them to ensure they are successful in using your product.

At this point of the course, you will have earned your certificate. The Exponential Legal Certificate serves as a signal to your clients and peers that, in addition to your traditional legal skills and expertise, you have super powers. But this course is more than a signal to the market. We hope that you will take what you’ve learned and apply it, every single day.

At the end of this 8 week course, you will have more than 15 assets that you can use to pursue your idea or inspire another. This section is devoted to reflecting on all you have accomplished, and setting a path forward using the assets you’ve created, our Tools & Resources, continued live sessions, and the eco-system of exponential industry professionals eager to help one another succeed.

Take the Course

Register for Getting Exponential: The Essentials where you will learn how to scale your expertise through a series of on demand lessons, case studies, activities and live sessions with our team. By the end of the course, you will have taken an idea through the launch lifecycle and have a series of assets to be used beyond the walls of the course. Your registration fee will also grant you one year of access to our eco-system of fellow exponential professionals, and our Tools & Resources Center with member-only discounts.

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Our Team

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Christie Guimond

Deputy Executive Director, Digital Legal Exchange

"The legal industry is full of people who have ideas about how to make their line of work better, but who often lack the creative confidence to do so. This course is for anyone who wants to make what they do better. For those who want to try new things, but also want to be supported by a toolkit, skill-set and community that will enable them to do that effectively and exponentially."

Dennis Kennedy

Director, Center for Law, Technology & Innovation at Michigan State

"Innovators have sets of specific skills that can be learned from trial and error or from study. I've always focused on learning from the best in structured ways. This course brings you the essential innovation skills in a structured way so that you can focus on your desired outcomes and treat innovation as a set of repeatable processes and a discipline you can master."

Mike Cappucci

Partner, FoundationLab

“After years of working with legal industry professionals to generate, shape and develop ideas for productizing legal services, I’m eager to bring the core concepts and tools to a wider audience. This course will teach you how to turn knowledge into products through a repeatable framework. We're living in a world of infinite leverage. It's time the legal industry took advantage of it."

Marc Lauritsen

President, Capstone Practice Systems

"This course is for innovators who want to build products that help people get legal work done without paying for a professional's time. Things like dynamic 'books' and checklists, calculators, chatbots, guided interviews, document generators, pathfinders, and decision support tools. The sky's the limit. Join the movement. Emancipate yourself from the tyranny of time. Get unbespoke."

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